Safra tops the list of Lebanon’s richest seven

by Martin Jay

10 December 2014 | 15:13

  • by Martin Jay
  • Last update: 10 December 2014 | 15:13

While a lot of Lebanese continue to live in poverty and filth, 7 of the most richest people in the Arab world are from Lebanese origins.

Arabian Business recently published its list for the richest Arab people in 2014. Here are the Lebanese ones.

Joesph Safra
Joseph Safra is the third richest man in the Arab world with a wealth of 11.9 million dollars. He comes from a rich Lebanese Brazilian family and has recently bought the British Gherkin mall.

Toufic Abou Khater
With 5.6 million dollars he comes in number 15 in the Arab world. Lebanese with Palestinian origins, Abou Khater bought 7 European hotels worth 643 million dollars more than a year ago.

Taha Mikati
The brother of the former Prime Minister Najib Mikati is the 27th richest Arab man. His fortune is worth 3.2 million dollars. The Mikati family is well known in the world of money and business.

Najib Mikati
With 3.2 million dollars the former PM comes right after his brother on this list. In 2011 Forbes listed him as the 9th richest Arab man in the world.

Al Hayek Family
Swatch owners Nayla Hayek and her brother Nick have a 2.9 million dollar fortune. After Nayla took on the business following her father's death, the company flourished. Al Hayeks are 33rd richest.
Coming in 34th and 35th are Bahaa and Saad Hariri respectively with 2.8 million and 2.7 million dollars.


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