U.S citizens sue three Lebanese banks, BDL, accusing them of partaking in Ponzi scheme

Plaintiffs Joseph A. Daou and his spouse Karen M. Daou filed their lawsuit in New York's Southern District Court against Al Mawarid Bank, BLC Bank, Credit Libanais and Banque Du Liban, according to copies obtained by Annahar.
by Georgi Azar

11 June 2020 | 10:20

Source: by Annahar

  • by Georgi Azar
  • Source: Annahar
  • Last update: 11 June 2020 | 10:20

Daniel Patrick Moynihan U.S. Courthouse, Southern District of New York, at 500 Pearl St., New York, NY (Photo: AP/Mark Lennihan)

BEIRUT: Two U.S individuals have filed a lawsuit against three Lebanese commercial banks and the central bank for "being preyed upon by the Ponzi scheme that is the Lebanese banking...
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