Band Industries raises over $290K for its Roadie 3 crowdfunding campaign

Roadie 3 is an automatic tuner with a motor twice as fast as Roadie 2, reaching a speed of 120 RPM.
by Maysaa Ajjan

6 June 2020 | 18:04

Source: by Annahar

  • by Maysaa Ajjan
  • Source: Annahar
  • Last update: 6 June 2020 | 18:04

founders of Band Industries Bassam Jalgha and Hassane Slaibi. (HO).

BEIRUT: Lebanese startup Band Industries, which manufactures automatic guitar tuners, has raised $290,472 for its “Roadie 3” campaign on the global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

The campaign, which began on May 20, aims to help Band Industries manufacture the latest version of their automatic guitar tuner, Roadie 3. Backers of the campaign gain access to special discounts before Roadie is made available to the wider public in October 2020.

“Our goal [initially] was to reach $40,000, and we were able to accomplish that in just less than 10 minutes,” Karine Janho, chief marketing officer of Band Industries, told Annahar. “We also managed to raise $210,000- more than five times our goal- in the first 24 hours of our campaign. We couldn’t believe it.”

Not only was Band Industries able to crowdfund their new tuner, but they also received feedback from hundreds of excited musicians who ordered Roadie 3 minutes after it was launched on the platform.

“You find a lot of passionate, curious musicians on Kickstarter waiting to try the newest products and give valuable feedback,” said Janho. “We benefit immensely from that.”

What does Band Industries plan to do with all that money?

“If we achieve $300,000, we’ll add an auto-detect feature so that the Roadie can automatically detect which string the user is on,” Janho said. “And if we reach $350,000 we’ll add a tool to help fix intonation, and so on. For every milestone we reach, we will add features that our backers requested.”

As for the number of tuners that Band Industries plans to manufacture, they will first produce and ship out the orders for their Kickstarter backers and will then continue to manufacture based on demand. “We usually sell about 12,000 Roadies annually, so we will be expecting to manufacture at least that much,” Janho informed Annahar.

Band Industries is based in Beirut.

Why Roadie 3 is better than Roadie 2?

Roadie 3 is an automatic tuner with a motor twice as fast as Roadie 2, reaching a speed of 120 RPM. It is built on next generation vibration detection and delivers improved tuning accuracy and enhanced noise immunity. Roadie 3 allows any musician to tune almost any instrument with geared pegs in just seconds: electric, acoustic, classical and steel guitars, 7, 8 and 12-string guitars, ukuleles, banjos, mandolins, and more, with the exception of the electric bass which can be tuned using Roadie Bass.

The brand new tuner also comes with as many as a 100 built-in tuning and the possibility for the users to even create their own. Users can now more easily see their options on Roadie 3’s new full color high resolution display screen. The screen’s location is also greatly improved, allowing increased visibility while tuning and dynamic display of the strings’ frequency.

“Roadie 3 will help you save time, explore more music and truly enjoy tuning your instruments. Your musical world is full of possibilities. Bring your Roadie 3 and play on,” CEO and cofounder Hassane Slaibi, told Annahar. 

This image depicts Roadie 3 guitar tuner on a guitar. (HO).

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