“Quarantouched” by Maria Etre

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by Maria Etre

7 April 2020 | 17:27

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  • by Maria Etre
  • Source: Annahar
  • Last update: 7 April 2020 | 17:27

Author Maria Etre This file photo shows a picture of the Lebanese American Author Maria Etre.

This poem is part of Carpe Diem’s online submissions program and was selected for publication by the Carpe Diem team



Double tap

A naked photo

without words

Eye-ing and satisfying

Caress her

with your thumb and index finger

as you slide them apart

Zoom in

Feel closer

she’s naïve,

porcelain skin

angelic kin

stay far


Golden under the sun

Write every imagination

on the tiny tan wrinkles of her skin

flip her sideways, full-screen

read a story

flip again, a different angle

another story

Index finger

thumb massages

touch them together

expand them apart


bring her closer, closer

in a world

that’s social distancing

the eyes know no distance

the heart forgets it

craves it

smokes it, and loves it

for absence does make the heart grow fonder*

the book of love states so

it puts its beat to good use

to amplify the meet

and churn the gut

melt the butterflies

let the eyes


Look again

connect your index finger

to your thumb

feels human

bring her closer

caress the high-res skin

No words


Have a golden moment

look at her

she lights your face

and writes about

your touch

in an un-touching time

Published Lebanese American author Maria Etre graduated on the Dean's list with a Communications Degree from the University of Iowa, and moved back to Lebanon, a home she can never find anywhere else. With 10 years of professional experience under her belt, she is currently a Senior Copywriter at Impact BBDO and author of her own book "The Little Book of More Than's". She has several poems published in various magazines and publications. Her blog indiedoodles.wordpress.com takes you into her world while reminding you of your own.

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