Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – The saga ends but the story lives forever

THE RISE OF SKYWALKER is a magnanimous film that brings back everything the fans ever wanted to see in this new trilogy and most importantly brings back hope in a time that so desperately needs it.
by Alan Mehanna English

23 December 2019 | 11:38

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BEIRUT: The fanbase speaks! After the release of what will surely not be the final chapter in the Skywalker Saga, it seems the fanbase as expected falls back into civil unrest as some praise the film and others completely bash it – but it wouldn’t be Star Wars without all of this.

It does seem rather wild that after forty-years this story comes to a definitive conclusion in a way that would make even George Lucas proud.

Back at the helm, J.J. Abrams had the difficult job of finding a thread that not only connected the entire saga together, but also allowed the film to stand on its own as well as the ending of a trilogy, all the while balancing a narrative that needed to include the late Carrie Fisher via archival footage from The Force Awakens.

This was no easy task but what Abrams does is nothing short of remarkable.

Not only does he deliver a relentless narrative, but one that is infused with HOPE, the reason behind why so many people around the world love this tale from a galaxy far, far, away. The film opens and it’s clear from the get go that Abrams is back in control – not just visually but narratively. 

Not a second is wasted in diving right into the events and the film’s objective – entertain, satisfy, and give the audience something completely unforgettable and he succeeds.

The three leads, finally together on the screen, are sent off to complete a mission that Luke Skywalker was never able to finish: to find the hidden Sith world of Exegol, where the Emperor Palpatine has been in hiding all this time.

Meanwhile, Supreme Leader Kylo Ren continues to struggle with his darkness and who he is paralleling Rey’s struggles with the same thing.

With twists and turns at every corner, Abrams and Christ Terrio his co-writer weave such an astounding and mythical tale that is every bit worthy of being under the Star Wars banner as the original trilogy.

Abrams pulls out all his guns visually and takes Star Wars to heights it has never been to before. 

From the epic space battles to the lightsaber duels, to the breathtaking locations, THE RISE OF SKYWALKER has it all.

To add to that John Williams’ score is the magnum opus – as he, himself, breathes life into all the emotional beats via his legendary music.

Yet, with all the spectacle aside, the power that THE RISE OF SKYWALKER has rests within the themes that it presents.

Many seem to think that Abrams retconned what occurred in the previous film THE LAST JEDI, but what he actually does here is build on it and push it further.

He answers questions that were meant to be answered before and cleans up some narrative mishaps from THE LAST JEDI while still telling a well thought out chapter that is as action-packed as it is heart-warming and character-driven. 

THE RISE OF SKYWALKER brings hope back to the galactic story and couples it with themes of the importance of family, believing in yourself, and how fear can sometimes make grumpy hermits of us all.

Towards the final climactic battle in the film, Poe asks Lando how they did it back then, to which Lando perfectly answers, “We had each other.”

This is what Star Wars is ultimately about, standing together to fight villainy and darkness.

The entire cast here is on point but Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver outshine the rest with their raw performances as two characters who are connected in more ways than one.  

There is no doubt that this film will likely continue to divide the fanbase, and be discussed and re-discussed, loved and hated, but none of that will matter because it is now part of the Skywalker Saga.

There is so much more one could unpack from this film but alas time and space are of the essence.

An amazing final chapter worthy of the myth that is Star Wars, THE RISE OF SKYWALKER is a magnanimous film that brings back everything the fans ever wanted to see in this new trilogy and most importantly brings back hope in a time that so desperately needs it.

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