Students Against Conflicts: A march for peace

Such marches are essential because they show the power of the youth and that students are the the root of the revolution.
by Paula Naoufal

30 November 2019 | 21:01

Source: by Annahar

  • by Paula Naoufal
  • Source: Annahar
  • Last update: 30 November 2019 | 21:01

From today's student march. (Annahar Photo).

BEIRUT: From Banque Du Liban to Riad Solh and under the slogan of “students' refusal of strife,” various student organisations and student clubs took part in a march on Saturday, November 30.

Participating groups included: LAU Ghayir movement, ULS civil society, LAU journalism club, LAU social work club, AUB Palestinian cultural club, AUB secular club, MADA network, USJ secular club, LAU human rights network, NDU’s independent list, “Nehna Tollab,” and LAU’s Entrepreneurship club.

They marched with candles and Lebanese flags while chanting anti-corruptions slogans mainly focusing on the economic situation and the central bank’s performance.

Lynn Al Shami, member of LAU’s Ghayir Movement, stated that such marches are crucial to show student’s unity against the government’s actions.

“The future is for the current students and we want to ensure an ameliorated future for ourselves. We do not want to immigrate. Additionally, we are the pulse of the revolution and the ones that are most affected by the consequences of the current economic situation,” she told Annahar. “We do not want to repeat our parent’s mistakes.”

Rami Abu Shakra, NDU student and activist, stated that “the reason for participating is self evident. We all have to be present in the streets. Lots of people were talking about how they thought our uprising was dying out. But around the second week, all the student marches that happened across the country in the streets, squares, and campuses, gave them hope. We convinced people that this uprising was capable of real change because there's an entire new generation that's willing to fight for it stubbornly and relentless”.

Maria Romeo Youssef, activist in “Nehna Tollab,” stated that the group has been participating in this march for many reasons. First, to remind everyone that this revolution did not die and will never die until they get all their demands fulfilled. Second, because they believe that they should stand against the violence they have witnessed on the streets in the past week to prove that their unity and the peacefulness of this revolution conquers everything. And third, because of their hope of a better future in this country. 

She also added that “Nehna tollab is a group of students from many universities, backgrounds and religious groups, who happened to meet each other and bounded during this revolution. Uniting and collaborating with other student groups is a goal of ours. We want to peacefully fight for our rights and the right of every lebanese citizen. After all, students are the pulse of the revolution.”

Verena El Amil, president of USJ secular club, also said that such marches are essential because they show the power of the youth and that students are the the root of the revolution.

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