Frozen II: Return to Arendelle, dive into the unknown and never let go!

FROZEN II has some of the most beautiful sequences, color palettes, world designs, and if it keeps advancing, the possibilities it can offer visually are endless.
by Alan Mehanna English

25 November 2019 | 16:18

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BEIRUT: Venturing into the unknown and into the world of sequels, even for a strong queen like Elsa, calls for courage, passion, grit, imagination, and a little magic.

Walt Disney Animation’s record with sequels has never been too great, as most ended up on the straight to VHS and DVD shelves, and the majority of them were never great additions to the originals.

So, it's no surprise that when news of a sequel to the 2013 hit broke out, a few were quite critical of this and most saw it as another money grab. 

FROZEN II, however, is quite a surprise and as crazy as it sounds might be better than its predecessor.

There's a lot of change in this chapter of the tale of Elsa and Anna, and part of that change is how does each of the sisters rise if they’re not rising for each other - a question that looms over them throughout the film.

In fact, change is a theme you can see within the story and even in the look of the film.

Where the first focused on the cold, the snow, and frozen hearts, this sequel focuses on growth, self-discovery, and rebirth. 

Autumn reflects the maturity we see in our characters and with the change of seasons comes a beautiful new palette of rich autumnal colors.

But the world isn’t the only thing that’s changed, as both Elsa and Anna are now three years older than they were in the first film and are now facing new challenges including learning about past truths and the most difficult challenge of learning to let go of the past in order to grow into who you are meant to be.

This is a theme that has been echoed in quite a few Disney produced films as of late.

From AVENGERS: ENDGAME to STAR WARS THE LAST JEDI, themes of moving on, letting go of the past, and growing into your own seem to be ideologies that the juggernaut studio wants to put out there. 

Building on that, the film also tackles themes of self-acceptance, learning to build bridges, and the strength and bond of family.

FROZEN II introduces a few new characters, but the focus is mostly on the sisters and their parents more than anything else.

Along with the new characters, we get brand new songs which in many ways outshine those of the first film with two Elsa songs that don’t only contain powerful lyrics but some of the best orchestral compositions Disney has produced in a long time.

The animation has clearly been updated since the release of the first film, and what is projected on the screen is visually jaw-dropping.  

FROZEN II has some of the most beautiful sequences, color palettes, world designs, and if it keeps advancing, the possibilities it can offer visually are endless.

As far as sequels are concerned, FROZEN II delivers on every beat – giving audiences something they’re familiar with, but building on top of it, challenging the characters by sending them further into the unknown, and forcing them to grow into their own and do the next right thing.

FROZEN II is now playing across cinemas in Lebanon and on the IMAX screen at VOX Cinemas. 

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