Day 7-LIVE: Protests maintain momentum for seventh consecutive day

Protests maintain momentum across Lebanon for seventh consecutive day
by Georgi Azar

23 October 2019 | 11:47

Source: by Annahar

  • by Georgi Azar
  • Source: Annahar
  • Last update: 23 October 2019 | 11:47

Lebanese protesters thwart an attempt by the Lebanese army to open the highway linking Beirut to Jounieh on Thursday October 23, 2019 (TK Maloy, Annahar)

Day 7-LIVE: Protests maintain momentum for seventh consecutive day

Prime Minister Saad Hariri also met with members of Walid Jumblatt's Progressive Socialist Party, including Ministers Akram Chohayeb and Wael Abou Faour 

Lebanese Forces Samir Geagea "commended" Interior and Municipalities Minister Raya Al-Hassan for her “honorable position”, in reference to her refusal to engage the Internal Security Forces in a confrontation with the demonstrators

Banks in Lebanon will remain closed on Thursday until “the general situation stabilizes," the banking association said.

Moody's: The Lebanese government’s plan to force banks to accept a lower interest rate on its debt could compound pressures on the currency peg and Lebanon’s debt sustainability over the medium term

Public schools and universities will also remain closed 

Univeristé Saint Joseph and the American University of Beirut will remain closed 

Former Prime Minister Najib Mikati expressed shock at the recent charges brought against him, saying these charges are politically motivated because of his positions in support of the premiership post under the Taef Accord

Prime Minister Saad Hariri also met with members of the reforms committee, including Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil, Telecommunications Minister Mohamad Chouceir and Environment Minister Selim Jreissaty  

Banks will remain closed Thursday, according to a statement released by the association 

Prime Minister Saad Hariri held talks with Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh and the head of the Association of Banks Salim Sfeir

A group of men has attacked peaceful demonstrators in the southern district of Nabatieh in a bid to break up the protest 

Staff and patients have initiated their own impromptu protest inside Saint Georges Hospital in Beirut 

Chants of “the people demand that the regime falls" continue making rounds, followed by "thawra, thawra!"

Rai: We call for embracing our children's legitimate uprising and a response to its national demands

Rai: What Lebanon is witnessing is an exceptional and historical popular uprising that calls for taking historical positions; bandaid solutions do not work anymore

Under gray rainy sky’s the scene has become a festive one as the Army retreated to stand on medium while music plays and demonstrators celebrate what seems at least a temporary success at defending the blockage

Protests have gripped Lebanon the 7th day, with no signs of letting up 

The head of Lebanon's Maronite Catholic community Cardinal Beshara Rai calls on Aoun to begin talks with politicians to take necessary actions in response to peoples’ demands

In an immediate counter-reaction, demonstrators were reinforced by a largen new group of protestors

The army has seemingly abandoned its plan to open Lebanon's highways linking Beirut to Jounieh as crowds grew in size

Media reports: Judge Ghada Aoun has charged MP Najib Mikati, his son, brother and Bank Audi of illegal enrichment through subsidized housing loans 

Despite heavy rainfall, the crowd has increased in size in Jal el Dib 

MP Sami Gemayel has joined the protesters in Jal el Dib

Protesters in both Zouk and Jal el Dib have been pushed to the side of the highways 

Protesters in both Zouk and Jal el Dib have been pushed to the side of the highways 

Hundreds of army soldiers can be currently seen in Zouk and Jal el Dib. An army bulldozer has also arrived to remove any car parks in the middle of the road 

Protesters have shown resistance, laying down on the ground to thwart any attempt 

Lebanon's army has descended on both the Zouk and Jal el Dib protests with the aim of opening the highways leading to Jounieh and Beirut 

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