Calm mobilization after devastating fires

Coastal temperature is expected to be lower for today, ranging between 24 and 31 degrees Celsius.
by Christy-Belle Geha and Nassab Helal

16 October 2019 | 15:39

Source: by Annahar

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BEIRUT: After surviving two whole days of strong fire blazes, Lebanon witnessed sudden rains that helped repress the flames. New fire ignitions broke through in Daqqoun, Hammanah, and Baawerta instigating a state of frenzy among Lebanese citizens.

The Lebanese people are standing in solidarity with one another as many donations are being gathered and citizens are opening their own houses for those affected by the fire with open arms.

A Molotov cocktail was found in Ajaltoun, the simplest form of which consists of a stoppered bottle filled with a combustible liquid with fuel stuffed in the neck of the bottle.  

Coastal temperatures are expected to be lower for today, ranging between 24 and 31 degrees Celsius.

Balamand University announced that the fire that ignited on Tuesday night in their Akkar campus is now under control around Issam Fares Faculty of Technology and that it didn't cause any injuries or deaths.

Deir Nbouh’s inhabitants suspect the cause of fire to be natural, because “no firefighter could reach the origin of the fires as it was so deep in the valley, so the fire couldn’t have been generated from the chemical interactions between glass bottles left after picnics, because the road is not accessible to pedestrians,” said Jamil Derjani, a resident in Deir Nbouh, Danniyeh.

Derjani also told Annahar that the fire in their area is under control with no reported casualties. 

Na’ameh has also recovered from the fire with zero casualties as confirmed by lawyer Charbel Mattar. Mattar also explained that Na’ameh’s municipality is now proceeding in cleaning up and doing statistics of the total damages. Locals who left their houses are back.

Aloe-Vera Resort in Jiyyeh hosted many students from the Beirut Arab University campus in Debbieh who fled their dorms. The resort’s director Rajab El Hajj noted to Annahar that all hotel guests checked out on Wednesday morning.

Carmel St. Joseph School in Mechref is reopening its doors on Monday. Students and their parents are working towards planting trees, similarly to all local initiatives.  

Both Minister of Environment Fadi Jreissaty and Major General Mohammad Al Kheir are working on replenishing all the burnt down lands by providing seedlings and other necessary agricultural tools. 

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