Gemini Man: An entertaining action thriller that packs a punch

In an age where hostility seems to be our go-to emotion, GEMINI MAN does remind us that we all have a chance to choose a better future.
by Alan Mehanna English

14 October 2019 | 14:36

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BEIRUT: GEMINI MAN underwent an unusually long development period of nearly two decades before it would finally go before the cameras, and when films go through this process the final product more often than not ends up being a muddled mess.

Yet, for GEMINI MAN it seems the odyssey it went through was for the better.

The main issue with the film was the concept needed technology to catch up to the point where it could be made, and though the end product isn’t perfect, it sure does do the trick.  

The film follows an aging elite assassin name Henry Brogan, played by Will Smith, who is suddenly pursued by a younger, and even more lethal antagonist who turns out to be…himself…at half his current age.

Though many have been quite critical of the film’s narrative, GEMINI MAN does tackle complex themes like Nature vs. Nurture, what makes us human, and even mortality all the while weaving them into an edge-of-your-seat cinematic story. 

Shot in 120fps (frames-per-second) the world of GEMINI MAN is vibrant, and colorful which makes for an exhilarating theatrical experience.

But visuals alone don’t make a film, and the weight falls onto Will Smith’s shoulders in order to pull off playing both his fifty-one-year-old self and his twenty-year-old self.  

What’s most enjoyable about this is watching Smith play off of himself and notice the subtle acting decision he made when performing as older Brogan versus younger Brogan.

Smith uses nuances and behavioral ticks that an impatient and lost twenty-year-old might exhibit versus how an older, wiser, and calmer man would behave in any given situation. 

The action sequences, though there are only three major set pieces in the film, are a thrill to witness.

From the motorcycle chase scene to the catacomb fistfight to the final shoot-out, director Ang Lee doesn’t hold back and utilizes every second to ensure that the experience is entertaining, exciting, and enthralling.

GEMINI MAN won’t be for everybody, but you can’t be a lover of cinema and not appreciate the film’s immersive experience and the massive step in the use of technology on the silver screen.

The attention to detail, the cinematography, editing, and even the score are all thanks to Ang Lee being the visceral director that he is.

Whether audiences like the film or not, it will go down to how much they are willing to go to the theater, let go, and enjoy. 

The film’s intention works on its own terms as a gripping and suspenseful international thriller with science-fiction elements, but also with carefully integrated philosophical elements of what it means—and what it takes—to be, or to become, a human being.

In an age where hostility seems to be our go-to emotion, GEMINI MAN does remind us that we all have a chance to choose a better future.

GEMINI MAN is playing across all movie theaters in Lebanon, but should be witnessed on the biggest screen possible at VOX IMAX! 

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