Downton Abbey: A return to the tale that captivated hearts

From the breathtaking landscapes and swelling orchestral score to the poetic words by Julian Fellowes, every element in this film works so elegantly.
by Alan Mehanna English

25 September 2019 | 16:23

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BEIRUT: When the ITV series first premiered, no one expected the tale to captivate the hearts and minds of people across the globe, and yet the tale of the Grathams, Crawleys, and Bransons became a weekly tradition for many.

The final season ended in 2015 with a finale that ensures all the characters were safely tucked up in their lives and audiences bid their favorites a forced and unwanted adieu.

In a firm of answered prayers, DOWNTON ABBEY returned this time, however, not on the small screens in people’s homes but rather on the massive silver screen in the cinema.

The film opens eighteen months after the series finale when news arrives that the Royal family would be coming to spend the night at Downton.

Of course, this is not much of a stretch in terms of real-life events.

Writer Julian Fellowes has always known have to weave true events into the fictional world of Downton Abbey as he does in the film.

Reuniting the entire cast, the story climaxes and gives fans a proper conclusion to the story they’ve been following for close to a decade.

Fellowes pushes the tale further and takes the characters to places that force them to grow, change, and embody their destiny.

Mary stands at a crossroads in her life debating whether to close down Downton or stay and fight on, while her sister Edith has to deal with some life-changing news.

Tom Branson and Thomas both in their own way find a connection with new potential partners.

The downstairs staff bicker and fight with the Royal staff which offers some great moments of humor and nothing brings the fans joy more than seeing the staff band together to protect Downton’s honor.

Finally, what’s Downton without the sassy Lady Gratham and her quips, wit, and never-ending bickering with her cousin Lady Violet.

Intrigue, mystery, love, and laughter all elements that make a great Downton tale.

With so many characters, it is quite a challenge to give each a proper narrative arc, but Fellowes rises to the challenge and leaves no character behind.

A proper feel-good tale, the film keeps a smile on your face, brings happy tears to your eyes, and allows you to leave the theater hopeful for what’s to come.

Visually, the film feels like home but on a much larger scale; from the magnificent sets to the lavish costumes to beautiful cinematography and even to the edit.

Though it has quite an authentic and historic nature, the film is truly a very welcomed romanticized view of the past.

Thematically, the film tackles concepts of legacy, change, and family, another reason why the film is such a delight to experience.

From the breathtaking landscapes and swelling orchestral score to the poetic words by Julian Fellowes, every element in this film works so elegantly.

With the film making headlines in regards to its box office success, it seems fans might be able to revisit Downton Abbey again in the foreseeable future, and that might allow the fans to rest easy.

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