Beirut Wellness Weekend: stress management and radical fitness in one celebration

During the event, people were introduced to two main attractions; the stress management seminar and radical fitness/high-energy classes.
by Manal Makkieh

23 September 2019 | 21:06

Source: by Annahar

  • by Manal Makkieh
  • Source: Annahar
  • Last update: 23 September 2019 | 21:06

This photo was taken during the stress management seminar. (Annahar Photo)

BEIRUT: Energizing most of the 900 people who registered to attend a practical and scientific workshop on a lazy Sunday seemed to be an easy mission to accomplish by the Sport Performance Institute Education and Certification in collaboration with Radical Fitness.

The robust correlation between sports activities and stress management was always a reason behind pushing people away from their sedentary life and forcing them to attend a free sport workshop like the one offered during the World Wellness Weekend. The same reason also triggers a significant number of fitness enthusiasts, as well as health and wellness adepts, to come from all over Lebanon to teach enthusiastic individuals about sports and stress control.

This time, the World Wellness Weekend showed a double success in creating a threshold for people to take care of themselves and form a synergetic and productive interaction with the trainers.

“Today, I’m here to teach the participants more about rehabilitation courses and recovery techniques that will benefit them when being involved in sports,” Physiotherapist and Radical Fitness Head of Master Trainer Chadi Hatem told Annahar.

Seeing Weider company that manufactures and distributes sports nutrition and health supplements since 1936 taking part in the event was also a benefit for the attendees to receive more support and explanation about the importance of protein consumption, sports, and nutrition. The corporation collaborates regularly with Sport Performance Institute (SPI) in such events all over Lebanon.

During the event, people were introduced to two main attractions; the stress management seminar and radical fitness/high-energy classes.

The stress management seminar was mainly organized and given by the SPI, who was responsible to teach every person how to keep their life stressors under control and combat their negative impacts.

As for the radical fitness/high-energy classes, they were given by the Radical Fitness Team who taught the participant how to get rid of unhealthy habits so they eventually can embrace fitness and wellbeing. The attendees not only participated in activities, but also learned that radical fitness was an idea established by an international company with offices in more than one country, specialised in the development of group fitness programs with more than 25 years of experience.

“I’m contributing to this event by explaining to everyone in the room why Biomechanics, which is an advanced weight training techniques, is crucial.” explained Fitness Master Trainer Haytham Mozawak, adding: “This is a great start to those who are interested because they can take the course even after the event and become certified.”

The organizers and trainers were not the only ones to speak about the importance of the event, but so did participants. Farah Taha, one of the participants who attended the event, said: “The event proved to me that I was not the only one who passed through depression phases due to my lack of knowledge on fitness."

The program coordinator, Wael Jaber intended to organize a unique event that encourages and inspires people above 14 years old to become active. Jaber told Annahar that with all the political tension and daily stressors we witness and go through, sports is the last thing on people's mind as an effective solution. Not only that, but he also noted that the majority of people are impatient and give up halfway through.

People constantly strive to manage their stressful life by resorting to rapid solutions that are, most of the time, ineffective on the long run. Therefore, believing in sports as a key tool to control stress and transform our life into a healthier one is a crucial notion that might be life changing. “Conducting further practical and scientific workshops like the ones we did during the World Wellness Weekend will definitely allow people to observe the change in every aspect in their life.” Said Wael Jaber. “Change is not easy; it takes time, hard work, and dedication; and that’s why everyone should perceive sports as a ladder and climb it step by step to reach the goal.” he added.

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