NAYA| Soha and Nadine Hamdan: Creating an inter-generational business

After working in Dubai for several years, co-owner Nadine Hamdan decided to return to Lebanon and join the business her mother started, in a career-shift of her own.
by Hala Mezher and Karim Safieddine

13 September 2019 | 20:46

Source: by Annahar

Photo shows Soha and Nadine Hamdan.

BEIRUT: In an unusual merging of heritage and novelty, a mother and daughter collaborated to convey their creativity and drive to carve out a name for themselves in the jewelry business.

They created an inter-generational partnership jewelry boutique that they called "Miason Mirath." 

 “I was in the field of Education for twenty years and I had two Masters degrees, until I decided that one day I want to start doing what I love,” founder and co-owner Soha Hamdan, told Annahar.

“I’ve always been interested in gems and stones and from a very young age I could distinguish one type from another: Ruby, Sapphire, and more,” she added. “I started studying Gemology online and did my exams in Paris, and then I submitted my resignation and launched my business four years ago. A year and a half later, my daughter, Nadine, decided to join me."

After working in Dubai for several years, co-owner Nadine Hamdan decided to return to Lebanon and join the business her mother started, in a career-shift of her own. She expressed that they work together in harmony.

“I often start out with an idea and Nadine develops it, or vice versa,” explained Soha Hamdan, adding “the younger generation of customers tend to look to me for advice, while the older generations tend to look to Nadine for advice.”

Both owners emphasized the importance of the message they aim to send to women, and the importance of encouraging them to make bold choices. 

“In the past two years, we witnessed the rise of a generation of women longing to express themselves freely,” added Nadine Hamdan. She drew attention to a phenomenon in which younger women started wearing larger jewelry to bring out their personalities in a more courageous manner.

When highlighting the difficulty which accompanies a career shift, Soha Hamdan stressed on the challenging aspects of starting a business in Lebanon; “the economic and social situation in Lebanon is not particularly helpful.”

She further addressed the technical problems that new owners may face.

“There are also the technical difficulties, like finding the right people to work with, and following up on all the details,” she told Annahar.

Despite these challenges, she insisted that individuals undergoing this journey should be daring.

“The most important thing is for people to overcome their own fear and the obstacles they create for themselves.”

“There are challenges on a daily basis. But even when you reach a certain level of success, you have to keep aspiring for more,” added Nadine Hamdan.

She concluded with prospects of expansion for Maison Mirath; “although we’re going international, we always refer back to the values which started our legacy here in Lebanon," adding that what makes their work unique remains the inter-generational approach. 


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