Franchises of three upcoming films in Fall 2019 at stake

With these three films, their respective franchises’ fate is at stake, and the only thing we can do is wait and witness.
by Alan Mehanna English

11 September 2019 | 15:42

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BEIRUT: As the dullest summer at the movies starts fading out and the credits begin to roll, we sit back and ponder if the coming fall season will be just as dire or could there be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Though the list of upcoming releases does seem promising, trust in the studios and the films they’ve been delivering has slowly started to crack, as movie theater attendance has been continually dropping.

With serialized content metamorphosing into a worthy competition to any big blockbuster, and fandoms becoming more and more critical and brutal to the creatives behind them - the upcoming fall season can prove to be a make or break moment to many franchises.

Three of those franchises or universes are: Star Wars, Terminator, and the Worlds of DC (previously known as the DCEU).


After the divisive release of Episode VIII - The Last Jedi directed by Rian Johnson, the cracks within the Star Wars fanbase spread even further than they did during the early 2000s when George Lucas released the Prequel Trilogy.

Fans, this time around, took to Rotten Tomatoes and social media platforms, and began their wrathful complaining, whining, grumbling, and tore the film to shreds.

It didn’t stop there, however, as countless YouTube videos were made, and when Lucasfilm released SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY, the film crashed in the box office due to a mass boycott by “die-hard” fans of the franchise.

Now, with the Skywalker Saga coming to an end, as the trailers and all involved with the film continue to proclaim, will it be an end that will reunite the fanbase once and for all?

J.J. Abrams being at the helm definitely helps the situation.

He was the one to open the Sequel Trilogy with Episode VII - The Force Awakens, which although some did not enjoy it much, the majority did.

With his promise to connect all the threads that have been laid out since the first Star Wars film in 1977, and the tease that the Saga’s big villain Emperor Palpatine is set to return, this entry is sure to deliver one unforgettable finale.



No franchise has seen more failed sequels and reboots than that of James Cameron’s Terminator and the world he built back in 1984.

After James Cameron stepped down as director, the films that followed were either disrespectful of what came before, way too farfetched, or just utterly pointless.

And yet, even after all those failed attempts, the Terminator will be back, making that line of dialogue more literal than ever expected.

This time, however, James Cameron returns and is more involved than ever, to the point of announcing that this new entry into the franchise is a direct follow-up to the last film he directed TERMINATOR 2: JUDGEMENT DAY, ignoring all that came after.

But this was just the tip of the iceberg for fan excitement.

Not only will this film see the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger as the legendary T-800, but it will also see the return of the original Sarah Connor, Linda Hamilton, and her reunion with Schwarzenegger has been something that many have been waiting a long time for.

With the promise of Cameron’s involvement, and original cast members, here is to hoping that this time around, the Terminator franchise can return to its former glory, especially since there may be a plan for two new films to follow.

TERMINATOR: DARK FATE releases on November 1, 2019.


With all the critical acclaim and the recent win at the Venice Film Festival, it seems that all that anyone can talk about is Gotham city’s most infamous villain, the Joker.

This time around academy award winner Joaquin Phoenix dawns the white face paint but does so in a completely new era for an on-screen adaptation of the anarchistic clown.

The film is to be set in the 1980s and is an origin story for the Joker, with many already hoping that there could be more to the over-arching story.

Director Matt Reeves will soon begin production on his Batman trilogy starring Robert Pattinson as the caped crusader.

In a recent interview, Pattinson may have accidentally spilled some tea regarding Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker and Pattinson’s Batman uniting in a film.

But could all this critical acclaim regarding JOKER, even to the point of Joaquin Phoenix potentially getting an Oscar nod for his performance, end up affecting audience expectations to the point of inevitable disappointment?

Could the film end up being too artistic or different for fans of the comic book film genre? Or could this be the rebirth and redemption of the Worlds of DC, as the universe has struggled since the release of Batman v. Superman.

JOKER releases October 3, 2019.

With these three films, their respective franchises’ fate is at stake, and the only thing we can do is wait and witness. 

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