George Wassouf and Adam perform at Kartaba Festivals

The surprise of the night was when Adam joined Wassouf’s back-up singers to sing along with him.
by Maria Matar

1 September 2019 | 15:05

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  • by Maria Matar
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Beirut: “Sultan Al Arab” George Wassouf and promising artist Adam may share many traits, but a prominent one was showcased in their concert at Kartaba festivals: their legion of loyal fans.

As part of its annual festivals, on August 31st Kartaba was packed with audience who came from different regions and sat at the edge of their seats to watch their favorite singers perform.

Opening the night, videos displayed on the stage’s wide screens showed an adrenaline –pumping recap of the last 5 editions of Kartaba Festivals.

“We are from a homeland that adores life and masters the art of producing joy. You saw how powerful the festival was in the past 5 years, we promise you that the upcoming ones will be even more powerful,” said Simon Karam, chairman of Kartaba festivals committee.

Screams from the audience marked the entrance of the young artist Adam who was clad in a bedazzled all-black outfit. The singer started his career singing with the vocalist Mustafa Jaafari at the age of nine. He released his first song “Mesh Baai Gher Ashwaai" at the age of 16. He then climbed the ladder of stardom one song at a time.

Kick-starting his show, he performed “Nehna Sawa” with attendees clapping, singing along, and taking videos to tease their Instagram followers. He then sang a beautiful bouquet of his hits.

To set the mood for his song “Kholset l Hkayi”, lights were turned off and Adam asked fans to light up the night with their phones.

“His songs make anyone feel nostalgic to certain moments of their lives. Somehow all the lyrics are relatable and his beautiful vocals touch our feelings,” Valentina Lakkis who came all the way from Beirut to watch her “number one” artist perform live, told Annahar.

Additionally, Adam sang the songs “Ya Betfaker Ya Bethes” and “Bos Baa” by Sherine which were an unexpected treat adding flavor to the night. During his performance, he expressed his joy and honor of performing in the same festival with Wassouf and concluded with one of his songs.

It was the perfect build up for Wassouf’s entrance.

After a not-so-favorable break for Wassouf fans, the Syrian singer took the stage to prove once again his ability to electrify fans by just being present. “Abou Wadih," they screamed as joy filled their eyes and energy filled their bodies.

In a career which started when he was 12 years old and expanded for almost four decades, Wassouf has released more than 30 albums. At the age of 16, he was called Sultan El-Tarab by the Lebanese journalist and magazine director George Ibrahim El Khoury, which translates to “The Sultan of Music," referring to his classic song "El Hawa Sultan.”

Backed by a professional orchestra, the singer pleased his fans with songs like: “Alb l Aashee Daliloh," “Keda Kfayah”, “Sibt El Dounya”, “El Dahab Ya Habibi”, and other songs. He was able to effortlessly astonish listeners with his voice as if it was the first time they hear him.

By the time he got to his second song, the crowd were jumping, chanting the chorus, and cheering. His witty comments about individuals in the crowd also added to the lively ambiance.

The stage background, bathed in an enchanting hue and posting colorful graphics, matched perfectly with Wassouf’s all-black suit. The surprise of the night was when Adam joined Wassouf’s back-up singers to sing along with him.

“This young man has a bright future,” Wassouf said aloud.

“Wassouf has a genuine personality; the lyrics of his songs are very inspirational and his voice is phenomenal. To sum up, I would say he is a musical legend,” said Myriam Daou, a loyal fan who never misses any of his concerts.

As the lights come up and Wassouf left the stage, the audience was left hyped and inspired.

Upcoming kartaba festival on September 1st features Melhem Zein and Mohamad Khairy.

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