For the Record: The Five Islands Festival is almost here

The headlines of the festival feature big names.
by Chiri Choukeir

31 July 2019 | 14:59

Source: by Annahar

  • by Chiri Choukeir
  • Source: Annahar
  • Last update: 31 July 2019 | 14:59

Photo courtesy of The Grand Factory

BEIRUT: With over 60 artists both local and international, five stages, and 48 hours of uninterrupted music, one of the leading institutes in nightlife, The Grand Factory, have announced their first of a kind event.

Known for their carefully organized lineups and legendary nights, The Grand Factory and AHM, along with Mzaar Ski Resort Kfardebian, came together to build an authentic festival experience in Lebanon called “Five Islands Festival," set to take place on August 10 and 11.

The Grand Factory Chief Marketing Officer, Wassim Bou Malham, told Annahar that the theme of the festival is “escaping the daily routine to go up to one of the highest points in our country and live a magical experience.”

The headlines of the festival feature big names, such as international Dj Oliver Huntmen, Deborah de Luca, Agents of Time, Satori, the Band From Space, and more. Local artists will also share the stage, such as Etienne, Nesta, Liliane Chlela, Tala, and 52 more.

“Over the past five years, the marriage of local and international has been a great way of putting both scenes at the same level and giving them equal importance. The artistic dialogue that will happen between both during the festival will be a great achievement,” Bou Malham said.

As for the selection of artists, he added, diversity is key, which is why there will be 60 different artists.

“We work with every booking agency in the world and have been hosting international artists in our venues and events with an aim to introduce our customers to different sounds. This is why we have so many different sounds at the festival from African to House, reaching all the way to Techno,” he added.

The five stages that will be set up at the Kfardebian Ski Resort are: The solar stage, which features headliners and is designed at the center; Reunion Stage, which acts as a techno sanctuary; Soul Island, a colorful stage radiating with Afro-funk, Disco, House, and world music; Native Island, a meeting point for local artists; and Paradise Island, the spot where attendees can relax, recharge and buy merchandise.

“This event is one of its first in the region and hopefully one of many,” Bou Malham explained, adding: “We aim to target a lot of people from the region and Europe, which will offer wide exposure to all our artists.”

Attendees will also have the option to camp on-site under the stars and to go for a hike or zip-lining during these two days.

Organizing a big event is never easy, and the organizers are surely aware of that, but they’re determined to make it happen.

“Putting everything together is the novelty of such a venture and it’s our mission to establish it and sustain it for years to come,” Bou Malham said, despite the fact that the lack of governmental support in Lebanon makes the logistics of putting it together challenging.

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