Lebanese stars mourn the passing of screen legend Farouk Al-Fishawy

Al-Fishawy starred in more than 130 films, TV shows, and plays.
by Maysaa Ajjan

26 July 2019 | 14:51

Source: by Annahar

  • by Maysaa Ajjan
  • Source: Annahar
  • Last update: 26 July 2019 | 14:51

Farouk Al-Fishawy (AFP Photo)

BEIRUT: Following the untimely death of veteran actor and Egyptian screen legend Farouk Al-Fishawy, who passed away yesterday morning, tributes and condolences have come pouring in from celebrities all over the Arab world, especially Lebanon.

Lebanese stars from different backgrounds stood united in their shock and grief over Al-Fishawy’s death. They expressed their condolences on social media.

“RIP to the great artist Farouk Al-Fishawy,” singer Haifa Wehbe tweeted. “Everyone who has worked with you was touched by your inner beauty. May God bless you and give strength and courage to your family and all your loved ones,” the tweet continued.

Singer May Hariri also expressed her condolences to the “Egyptian people” by saying that Al-Fishawy’s passing is a huge loss to the Arab acting domain.

Meanwhile, singer and TV host Maya Diab said: “The smile never left your face. You represent a focal point in the history of the Egyptian cinema. Your love for the people and the people’s love for you will keep you alive in our hearts forever.”

Veteran singers Walid Toufic and Assi El Hallani also expressed sympathy to the Egyptian people, with Toufic bidding farewell to his “lifetime friend.”

As for actors, star Nadine Nassib Njeim tweeted her admiration and respect for the “legendary actor” and wished his family patience and good health. Other actors who expressed their sadness were comedy actress Roula Chamieh and actor Youssef Al Khal, who costarred with Njeim in the hit Ramadan series “law.”

“May the mercy of God be upon you and upon us,” said Al Khal.

It's not only celebrities who mourned the loss of Fishawy, as the public also had a lot to say.

“He was my hero while growing up, I learned all his movies by heart,” Rania Hashem, 41, an IT professional, told Annahar. “I remember watching the movies '48 Hours in Israel' and 'Women Behind Bars,'” she added.

Aziza Fahd, 36, also remembers Al-Fishawy’s work well. “I remember my brothers really liked him. They identified with him as a movie star who did cool stunts,” she said.

Reem Al Assadi, 26, told Annahar that “while she doesn’t remember him much,” his passing had ignited her curiosity to know more about his cinematic achievements.

Her friends Sara and Nagham, both 25, agree with her.

“He was a great artist and he deserves to be recognized worldwide for his contribution. I’m glad he’s getting the recognition he deserves,” said Ghinwa Ayash, 30.

Al-Fishway shocked his audience by revealing he had cancer in October 2018 at the 34th edition of the Alexandria Mediterranean Film Festival, where he was being honored.

"I was reluctant to say this, because I don't want to see any distress or discomfort from any of you, as I am not upset," he said. "After some tests and radiation, my doctor told me I have cancer, I will treat this disease as a headache, and with determination, I will win ... I will defeat it and I will attend the next session of the Alexandria Festival to be with you, and to congratulate another colleague for his honor," he added.

While the actor didn't live to see the next edition of the festival, sources close to him say he was very resilient, even sarcastic, in his fight against the deadly disease. “He didn't give up until the very end,” one of his family members tweeted.

Al-Fishawy starred in more than 130 films, TV shows, and plays. He made his debut in an episode of “My Dear Sons, I Thank You,” after which he caught the eye of several directors and went on to Star along with renowned actors such as Adel Imam, Souad Hosny, Souheir Ramzy, Elham Shahine, Kamal Al-Shennaw, and many others.

Some of his other prominent works include Rape, 48 Hours in Israel, A Man with a Past, A Woman Shook the Throne, Al-Zaman Al-saab, Hitman Without a Fee, The Edge, Dear Liars, Kabil and Kabil, Men in the Trap, Adam’s Children, A Bird in a Cage, and The Sons of Thist.

His most recent work was alongside Egyptian actor Yehyia Al Fakhrani in Cinnamon with Ginger, directed by Omar Abdel Aziz.

Al-Fishawy is survived by his son, Ahmed Al-Fishawy.

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