NAYA| HSC: Stepping stones towards mothers' psychological wellness

The renewed ward’s main goal is to endorse a calm and relaxing environment for both mothers and newborns.
by Sally Farhat

25 July 2019 | 14:53

Source: by Annahar

  • by Sally Farhat
  • Source: Annahar
  • Last update: 25 July 2019 | 14:53

Photo from the maternity ward at HSC. (Photo courtesy of HSC).

BEIRUT: Building on its mission to provide advanced healthcare and to benefit its surrounding region, Sacré-Coeur Hospital inaugurated its newly refurbished maternity ward earlier this month.

“Since the new unit has not been refurbished for almost 20 years, the refurbishment of the maternity ward was prioritized in HSC’s strategic plan for modernization and expansion,” Sister Lamia Tamer, Vice President of HSC, told Annahar. “It was a needed step to upgrade the facility and the equipment for a better service and to fulfill the needs of our patients.”

The renewed ward’s main goal is to endorse a calm and relaxing environment for both mothers and newborns. It incorporates 27 inpatient beds, two antenatal clinic rooms, three delivery rooms, seven first-class and two deluxe postpartum rooms, and two visitors' waiting rooms.

“We built our refurbishment plan according to intentionally acclaimed standards,” said Christine Boutros, Head of Communications and Public Affairs at HSC. “Aside from advancing all equipment in a way that makes the delivery and recovery phases easier, our main focus was to provide the utmost environment that would help in supporting the psychological well-being of the mothers and their babies.”

Boutros explained that after giving birth, women are prone to pass through phases of depression, severe anxiety, or baby blues.

She added that providing women with the right environment from the beginning and ensuring that they attain the needed attention, decreases their possibility of facing negative the psychological side effects that proceed birth.

Sister Tamer clarified that taking care of the psychological wellbeing of patients happens on various levels.

On one hand, the unit includes numerous colors, allows natural light to enter, and includes various visuals. All these, as explained, allow women giving birth to stay connected to the outside world.

“The new unit is bright and decorated in a very cheerful manner, which leads the whole family to enjoy the celebration of new life,” she said. “The new maternity ward also separates the delivery section from the medical care section where women get more privacy and comfort.”

On the other hand, the hospital’s midwives ensure follow up with patients even after they leave the hospital. Their main focus remains on the mother and does not shift to the new born.

In addition to the new advancements, HSC is currently working on banning the use of powder milk in the hospital in efforts of encouraging breastfeeding.

“The benefits of breastfeeding are enormous for both the mother and the baby,” Sister Tamer told Annahar. “We train our patients on how to breastfeed and we make sure that they do it right from the start in order to convince them not to resort to powder milk.”


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