Nayla Tueni

Dear readers,

Welcome to An-Nahar's English edition. This is the first time we reach out to non-Arabic speakers. Over the years, An-Nahar has been part of a significant number of historic events and, on occasion, even made them. Today, it’s my pleasure to be part of one more historic milestone – namely An-Nahar English and French which my team and I really hope will serve your needs for news, opinion and analysis in languages other than Arabic. You might note that this web site is not a translation of the Arabic journal but a small, yet ambitious, autonomous news operation which we are confident will grow into a legend one day. This web site is a ‘soft launch’ to make sure that we're technically ready, while we further expand this operation from a small team at present. I can already see that from small acorns, a great oak tree will grow and I hope you will be part of that expansion in the future years. Stay tuned! - Nayla Tueni

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هل تؤيد توقيف الطبيب في قضية الطفلة ايللا طنوس؟

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